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The Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid-You Hottie, You.

Huffington Post is calling The Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid the “sexiest hybrid car yet.”

Yeah, it’s pretty hot. But if you’re still not convinced, check out what this sweet baby has to offer:

“At 78 miles per gallon and 500 horsepower and a top speed of about 189 miles per hour, it can be driven by electric power only with a range of up to 15 miles.”

And we think Porsche cars are sexy in general…mmm hmmm.

…If you’re a Porsche enthusiast or just want something nice for your guests to flip through while in your living room, check out this book.


Heidi Klum Sans Makeup, Sans Clothing.

Seems this model doesn’t like to wear much of anything; First this wonderful Rankin photography book showcases completely nude photographs.

Now, she’s going bare-faced.

Nice! So…what else will she go without?…can’t fathom a bald Klum…

The World Cup 2010: Watch Futbol, Take a Safari Tour!

So, you’re going to the World Cup in South Africa in a couple of weeks? Well, lucky you!

Aside from the international crowd, the cheering, the fights, and most importantly the matches, what will else can you feast your eyes on?

How’s ’bout a South African Safari tour?

“During a few hours’ drive from World Cup host city Cape Town through to Simon’s Town and down to the Cape of Good Hope, you can see penguins — yes, penguins — and possibly some baboons and ostrich.”

Although you may want to be careful around the baboons, who have been known to steal from tourists…

We imagine, with so much wondrous wildlife and warm weather, that these tours must be breath-taking:

From Poliza's new South African photography book.

From Poliza's new South African photography book.

Photographer Michael Poliza, who just recently launched his vibrant South African photography book chock-full of stunning images of the country’s natural scenery and wildlife, portrays this notion perfectly.


Elliott Erwitt Photo Contest

If you’re into to street photography or black and white photos, check this out:


via teNeues:

“They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words.
Select an Elliott Erwitt photo below and write a caption for it! Post your caption on twitter and you could win one of these books!”

Enter the contest here.

Dog Art Today

Check out  Dog Art Today’s post on Erwitt! Thank you, Moira!

Johnny Depp: A Pirate With a Yacht that You Can Rent. Savvy?

With a foul/watery name, VAJOLIROJA is Johnny Depp’s yacht.

Apparently the name stems from a mixture of  the names of his two children, his long-time partner and himself.

However, from the looks of the interior, VAJOLIROJA is neither foul nor watery:

Of course the yacht is pirate-themed. Why not? And for roughly 100,000 USD you can rent it. Why not?

…And if you’re a yacht fanatic…or if your yacht is simply settling fitfully somewhere, check out this phenomenal book.

Read more about Johnny Depp’s play toy.

Our Favorite Sweetcheeked-Brazilian Is Back, Boys.

Back in the early 2000’s, walking by a Victoria’s Secret franchise, you would look up and see a buxom, larger-than-life sized woman with wide green eyes and tan Brazilian skin.

Later you’d recognize her as Adriana Lima; and who cared if her face was everywhere- she’s hot.

But have you noticed that she sort of disappeared in the past handful of years?

Well, apparently she had a baby. (That explains it!)

But according to– she’s back!

And today, she’s doing a live photo shoot in NYC with our favorite photographer Russell James.

Known for his charming, sexy photographs of the Victoria’s Secret models in natural settings…word on the street is teNeues has a new Russell James micro-site on the way (coming in 2 weeks or less!) which will include a contest to win one of his photography books!

AND GUESS WHAT?! teNeues is reducing prices of Russell James’ book and MAKING A DONATION FOR EACH BOOK SOLD to the cause of child health research!