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Rankin: From Cheeky to South Africa

We all know and love photographer Rankin. Whether we love him for this or that may just be one or two reasons. Well, you’re about to be introduced to reason # 3.

Like Micheal Poliza, Rankin has recently traveled to South Africa to do what he does best.

And look what he brought us back:

It’s certainly impressive when an artist can immerse himself across different realms of photography. Can you believe the same man who captured the images above is capable of this:

But if  you prefer wonderful wildlife and landscape photography, check out Michael Poliza’s South Africa.


Heidi Klum Sans Makeup, Sans Clothing.

Seems this model doesn’t like to wear much of anything; First this wonderful Rankin photography book showcases completely nude photographs.

Now, she’s going bare-faced.

Nice! So…what else will she go without?…can’t fathom a bald Klum…