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The Trump Soho: Luxury in NYC!

“It is gospel in the hospitality industry that the small stuff matters. The curve of the door knob, the heft of a closet hanger and a coffee mug that’s just the right size can go a long way in convincing a hotel guest to become a regular customer.”

The National Post outlines a few plushy hotels of NYC and gives us a new definition of luxury in this article.

Of the hotels mentioned, one struck us as particularly appealing– the new Trump Soho of NYC:

With its beds adorned with Bellino Italian linens and Italian marble 5-fixture baths, the Trump is said to be quite a precious place…

And if you’re into luxury nightlife, check out the “masculine, warm and ultra sexy” bar/lounge– Kastel — a new addition to the Trump:

Since we’re so keen on luxury, we also wanted to share with you one of our favorite books:


The World Cup 2010: Watch Futbol, Take a Safari Tour!

So, you’re going to the World Cup in South Africa in a couple of weeks? Well, lucky you!

Aside from the international crowd, the cheering, the fights, and most importantly the matches, what will else can you feast your eyes on?

How’s ’bout a South African Safari tour?

“During a few hours’ drive from World Cup host city Cape Town through to Simon’s Town and down to the Cape of Good Hope, you can see penguins — yes, penguins — and possibly some baboons and ostrich.”

Although you may want to be careful around the baboons, who have been known to steal from tourists…

We imagine, with so much wondrous wildlife and warm weather, that these tours must be breath-taking:

From Poliza's new South African photography book.

From Poliza's new South African photography book.

Photographer Michael Poliza, who just recently launched his vibrant South African photography book chock-full of stunning images of the country’s natural scenery and wildlife, portrays this notion perfectly.


Hey! Top Spas!

“In this, our twentieth annual spa survey, 240 spas earn high ratings—almost triple the number of last year’s winners. Why such an explosion? While spas were once the province of women, new services have been added for children, teens, seniors, men, and pregnant women.”

Check out the top 240 Spas of 2010 !

Wrap yourself in seaweed, chocolate, mud, and love.

Well, if you’re into this sort of luxury…be sure you check out this book.

Check Out the World’s Strangest Buildings…

“Sometimes strangeness is a function of amazing architecture where we least expect it:”

Haewoojae, Suwon, South Korea

This Travel and Leisure article showcases some of the most absurd buildings around the world from one inspired by a barcode to another that resembles a toilet seat…